Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I finished! I look forward to using any of the information/technology I've learned through this exercise. Thank You!


I am not sure how this would be used at the library, as we have many more important things to do than sit around and chat to our colleagues or patrons online and to keep them apprised of our every move.

Sites 4 Students

I have a high school student and so I can see where the notes and homework organizer applications would be beneficial in keeping their lives up-to-date. We just gave our daughter a laptop for Christmas for this very reason. She discovered, in using a friends computer in class, that she could take many pages of notes rather than getting just a few jotted down while trying to listen and write at the same time. I certainly wish we had had access to this technology when we were kids. Also, I have actually looked around at several different types of job/resume sites just to see what lurks out there. It certainly makes job hunting a lot more fun with the seemingly endless possibilities for employment opportunities. The amount of information and to the numbers it can travel to and that have access to it is just mind boggling.


Being a parent of a teenager, I have some experience with the social networking concept. I have to admit I was a little reluctant when my daughter first asked if she could set-up a Myspace account. I initial told her, as I'm sure all caring and responsible parents do, that I would have to be able to view the content at any time and have a watchful eye on what was happening. Alas, I have only had access a handful of times, but feel that with my daughter she is allowed some privacy with it. She is much more private about her texting conversations on her phone than with anything on Myspace. I understand that Facebook is much like Myspace, with a few security measures built in, therefore have not delved into it fully.


After reading about Wikis, I can see how they would be of use within the library for sharing information by both patrons and employees. I would love to get a recipe sharing wiki up and running. I also entered a line on the sandbox page, as requested in Wiki 2, and tried to add a picture, but ended up deleting the page somehow so undid that and will try again.

You Tube

If there is any subject in this exercise that I will like to write about most it will be You Tube. Everything from music videos, videos that are creepy, dog videos and your classics that have been passed around to thousands maybe millions like "Evolution of Dance" and "Pearl". All are entertaining and you can easily sit and waste away hours with mindless viewing if your not careful. I thought the video presented by our own library about packing a shipment box was very clever and fun! I see this type of technology as being a great way to inform people in small snip-its with lots of visual and connection through entertainment which is easily grasped by everyone, even those that are reluctant to get hooked on the "wave of the future" and technology as a whole.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Library Thing

I have used Library Thing ever since I heard about it after attending one of our Readers Advisory classes earlier this year. I found it fun and useful and plan to keep up my entries as best I can. I have not yet played with all the features, but will try to do so in the near future.